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NEW Game, New time. . HUGE PRIZE ($5000 dollars) Lots of information. .

Begining Sunday Feb 15th. . . At Diamond Club we will be having a game starting at 4pm. If you are in your seat early you will recieve $2000 extra in starting chips. The prizes will be the same as the Wed night game at Diamond club $200 for 1st and $100 for 2nd. OHH but there is more!!!! Starting this Wed Feb 3rd.at Diamond club come early you must fill out a NEW registration form. . MUST!!!!! The reason is Starting this Wed points will be kept at Diamond Club separatly from other games. Every time a player has finished in the Top 10, at the Wed night game or the new Sunday game, they will earn points, and those players whose total points are in the TOP 60 of all players, will be playing in a special tournament. The top 60 players will be invited to play in Aug for a CASH prize pool of $5,000 dollars. . . Let me repeat that in Aug if you qualify you will be playing against at most 60 people to win $5,000 dollars. Honesly, 60 people are invited only 40 some wil probably show up. So come out early every Wed and Sun because early gets you extra chips (if you are in your seat before the game) there will probably be a waiting list and there is over $20,000 dollars being won every 6 months at Diamond Club now!!!!

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