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About Us

Welcome to DoubleMeUp Poker League. Bringing together the game we love with family, friends and our favorite bars. All games are free to play. We offer the highest cash and gift card prizes in NOVA.

We hold our players and customers to the highest standards to be the best they can be on & off the felt. This includes supporting the venues & your fellow poker players (New or Seasoned Vet).

Poker Quick Guide:

  • Be there on time
  • Order food and drinks for you, friends and TD
  • Please make sure to take care of the servers & people who take care of you
  • Dress and act appropriately; Be mindful to those around you
  • Do not berate other players or customers (step outside or away from table if you need a break/lose a big hand)
  • Please help other players/customers become the best they can be by acting accordingly
  • Most importantly have fun & good luck!