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Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Red Rocks 7 pm and 9:30 pm.  Prizes are all $100 CASH for first place for the 9:30 pm games if you play the 7pm game. The 7pm game is a $25 gift card for first place. Yes you must be on time for the games and qualify for the $100 cash prize. If you play five of the six games in the same week, you can win $200 cash Wed 9:30 pm game! Red Rocks has amazing Happy Hour and Food.  If you haven’t tried the fried beef tacos yet please do. Ask Niki or Tim as they have so many great food items

Thursday/Friday – No games at this time.

Saturdays/Sundays -Craftworx Taproom 3:30 pm and 6 pm. Come check out this huge amazing place. 60 self pour beer taps. Plus other cool things to self pour. Cold brew coffee, margaritas, and other drinks besides beer. They also have a bourbon bar!  1st game is for gift cards for both 1st and 2nd place.  2nd game is $75 cash for 1st place and gift card for 2nd place.  Play both games Saturday and Sunday, then Sunday’s 6pm game is for $150!  Cut off for both games is an hour after the game starts.

I thought we could discuss why people in this area play for gift certificates especially low amounts instead of for cash. I have heard some reasons so let’s gets those “excuses” out of the way first . .

I don’t play for the prize just for fun. . Ok if that is the reason then why not play for a bigger prize just in case you do win. Or why does not one just give the prize back and say oh I didn’t really want it you keep it host.

All my friends play at the other place. . Then why not tell them hey let’s go play over where they give away cash. If they are your friends they will come too. Just an FYI on this topic. I increase my cash prize for the more people that come. So if now I am giving out $50 dollars imagine how it would increase if you and your friends came out to play

I like the place and I only play by my house . . this makes sense to me. But I know that in part some people don’t mean this. The reason I say this is because I have had bars that now give gift certificates and I didn’t see the people that are there now back then. Or I have the place that these people used to go to but now don’t.

So I open it up for comment. Let’s make this a fun discussion.

Poker host(s) needed. You must be energetic, professional, honest, and trustworthy. Please email me if interested.