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WHY do people play for a Gift Certificates?

I thought we could discuss why people in this area play for gift certificates especially low amounts instead of for cash. I have heard some reasons so let’s gets those “excuses” out of the way first . .

I don’t play for the prize just for fun. . Ok if that is the reason then why not play for a bigger prize just in case you do win. Or why does not one just give the prize back and say oh I didn’t really want it you keep it host.

All my friends play at the other place. . Then why not tell them hey let’s go play over where they give away cash. If they are your friends they will come too. Just an FYI on this topic. I increase my cash prize for the more people that come. So if now I am giving out $50 dollars imagine how it would increase if you and your friends came out to play

I like the place and I only play by my house . . this makes sense to me. But I know that in part some people don’t mean this. The reason I say this is because I have had bars that now give gift certificates and I didn’t see the people that are there now back then. Or I have the place that these people used to go to but now don’t.

So I open it up for comment. Let’s make this a fun discussion.

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