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Double Me Up

Regionals Saturday September 29 11:00 am at Red Rocks Centreville

11 am Saturday, September 29th at Red Rocks Cafe and Tequila Bar – Centreville Top 5 places win ($300 cash for 1st place, $75 cash for 2nd place, $50 cash for 3rd place, $50 gift card for 4th place and $25 gift card for 5th place. More details to come!


Saturday game – Tyson’s Biergarten 4 pm only – $100 CASH $50 CASH $50 GIFT CARDS. Venue is a little different. They give poker players beers at Happy hour prices. When you go in buy Happy Hour poker chips for beers downstairs, Red chips for Food and blue or white for liquor drinks. All food […]

Red Rocks Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm and 10 pm games

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays prize are all $100 CASH for first place for the 10pm games if you play the 7pm game. Second place is still a $25 Gift card. The 7pm game is Still a $50 gift card for first place and a $25 Gift card for second. Yes you must be on time […]

$100 CASH @ PJ Skidoos

Every mon night you can win $100 CASH for first place. You can still win second place GC also. PJ Skidoos has AMAZING drink and food specials.

Wanted Hosts for Poker

Poker host(s) needed. You must be energetic, professional, honest, and trustworthy. Please email me if interested.   James doublemeuppoker@gmail.com

WHY do people play for a Gift Certificates?

I thought we could discuss why people in this area play for gift certificates especially low amounts instead of for cash. I have heard some reasons so lets gets those "excuses" out of the way first . . I dont play for the prize just for fun. . Ok if that is the reason then […]