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$200 CASH $100 CASH $50 GIFT CARDS New Venues

Saturday game – Tyson’s Biergarten 4 pm only – is a little different. They give poker players beers at Happy hour prices. When you go in buy Happy Hour poker chips for beers downstairs, Red chips for Food and blue or white for liquor drinks. All food items are $8 and top shelf liquor for $8

Sunday game @ X Treme Wings . 6:30 and 9:00 pm games. Play the first game and you are playing for $100 Cash

Monday game – PJ Skidoos 7 pm and 9:30 pm – you can win $100 CASH for first place. You can still win second place GC also. PJ Skidoos has AMAZING drink and food specials. $4.99 Grill chicken tenders, best calamari etc, etc, etc.I dont mean to minimize the specials but there are so many I can’t list them all. $2.50 rails drinks cheap beer. It is best Happy hour in Fairfax.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays – Red Rocks 7 pm and 10 pm – prizes are all $100 CASH for first place for the 10pm games if you play the 7pm game. The 7pm game is Still a $25 gift card for first place. Yes you must be on time for the games and qualify for the $100 cash prize. If you play all six games in the same week, you can win $200 cash Wed 10:00pm game! Red Rocks has amazing Happy Hour and Food. If you haven’t tried the fried beef tacos yet please do. Ask Scott or James as they have so many great food items

Wednesdays – Kilroy’s Springfield 7pm and 9:30pm on back patio. Prize is $100 CASH for first place for the 9:30 game if you play the 7pm game.

Thursday’s and Friday’s – Revolution Centreville 7pm and 9:30pm: Top 3 win gift certificates for 7 pm game. $75 cash prize for 9:30 game if you play 7 pm game.

Fridays – Revolution Centreville 10 pm – Beer Pong Tournament: Sign up start @ 9pm balls fly at 10 pm. $100 cash prize for first place

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  1. Chuck Cherel said:

    My wife and I went to Red Rock last night and were quite disappointed to see they only had one game to play. We checked your website and that wasn’t listed as just one. We checked as we had talked about going to the mall to watch the concert and fireworks. PLEASE, PLEASE keep your site updated as we had a problem with this at Biergarten a few weeks ago as well.

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