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Poker games for 4 pm Saturday 5/26 (Tysons Biergarten) and 6:30pm/9:00pm Sunday 5/27 (Xtreme Wings) are cancelled due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Come out to Red Rocks Tuesday May 29th to help Scott Detrow celebrate his ACTUAL Birthday! $100 cash winner for both games! Additionally, $25 gift card bounty on Scott both games…if you are the one to take out Scott, you will receive a $25 Red Rocks’ gift card

The Revolution Darts & Billiards – Centreville

$500 cash for first place – other prizes TBD

POKER sign-ups start at 11am. Cards fly at 11:30am.

Come help celebrate Scott G. Detrow Birthday.

Bar pong tournament starts at 6 pm with Cash & Gift card prizes.

Cornhole will also be set up.

More details to come!

Saturday game – Tyson’s Biergarten 4 pm only – is a little different. They give poker players beers at Happy hour prices. When you go in buy Happy Hour poker chips for beers downstairs, Red chips for Food and blue or white for liquor drinks. All food items are $8 and top shelf liquor for $8 Please ask if you need any help. 

Sunday game @ X Treme Wings . 6:30 and 9:00 pm games. Play the first game and you are playing for $100 Cash

Monday game – PJ Skidoos 7 pm and 9:30 pm – you can win $100 CASH for first place. You can still win second place GC also. PJ Skidoos has AMAZING drink and food specials. $4.99 Grill chicken tenders, best calamari etc, etc, etc.I dont mean to minimize the specials but there are so many I can’t list them all. $2.50 rails drinks cheap beer. It is best Happy hour in Fairfax.

Poker host(s) needed. You must be energetic, professional, honest, and trustworthy. Please email me if interested.



I thought we could discuss why people in this area play for gift certificates especially low amounts instead of for cash. I have heard some reasons so lets gets those "excuses" out of the way first . .

I dont play for the prize just for fun. . Ok if that is the reason then why not play for a bigger prize just in case you do win. Or why does not one just give the prize back and say oh I didn't really want it you keep it host.

All my friends play at the other place. . Then why not tell them hey lets go play over where they give away cash. If they are your friends they will come too. Just an FYI on this topic. I increase my cash prize for the more people that come. So if now I am giving out $50 dollars image how it would increase if you and your friends came out to play

I like the place and I only play by my house . . this makes sense to me. But I know that in part some people dont mean this. The reason I say this is because I have had bars that now give gift certificates and I didn't see the people that are there now back then. Or I have the place that these people used to go to but now dont.

So I open it up for comment. Lets make this a fun disussion.