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This is not a joke. We are having events weekly to win a token to play in a weekly online tournament. All you have to do is to place in the top 3 of the Double Me Up event and then you get a token to play in a weekly sunday online tournament. If you finish in the top 20 of that tournament you get a seat in either the Atlantic City tournament to play for $100,000 or the vegas tournament to play for $200,000. If you get 1st place in that weekly sunday tournament you win a seat into both tournaments and you get your trip to vegas paid for.

New game and $100 game

Starting June 2nd. If you play at red zone on Tues or  Window 54 On Wed then you are playing for $100 cash at Red zone on Thursday night for the 930 game.

Also Thursday night the AMF bowling alley in Centerville has poker night.

Both games are 7 and 930 start times.

New prizes being announced today at the games. Saturday 10am and sunday at 1pm. qualify from one of those game and then play sunday at 5pm.

See you there.

Hi Everyone

Do you have a facebook page? Go onto facebook.. search for double me up poker, make a request to become a member of the page. We also have another page please like that page also. Thanks.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Double Me Up Poker in conjunction with Red Rocks have decided to give everyone early Christmas Gifts. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays prize are all $100 CASH for first place for the 10pm games. Second place is still a $25 Gift card. The 7pm game is Still a $50 gift card for first place and a $25 Gift card for second. Yes you must be on time for the games and qualify for the $100 cash prize. Red Rocks has amazing Happy Hour and Food. If you haven’t tried the fried beef tacos yet please do. Or ask Scott or myself they have so many great food items

Starting Tonight. Sept 29th 2015. New food and a new menu. Very Good Happy Hour.

Details coming at tonights games

SATURDAY game 3 and 6pm

window 54 added Saturdays!!! Starting 8/15/15

Wednesday and Thursdays starting July 29th